About Us

Puttie was born out of a love of golf and a desire to make practising putting fun. The problem with traditional aids is that golfers spend lots of time retrieving the ball instead of actually putting. We wanted to change that. Our goal was "How can we get players to spend more time putting and less time retrieving the ball".


We spent countless hours getting the slope just right so that it would return the ball to you no matter how the ball landed on it, like wise with the cup.  Puttie has a simple design. We believe that it is the simplicity that makes Puttie so addictive and easy to use. 


Puttie is also designed to make putting fun and that you will get the maximum number of putts in any one putting session. Already hundreds of people have emailed and messaged us to say that their game has improved. We believe the more you use Puttie, the more you will find your own rhythm. 

Puttie is made in Ireland in small batch productions. We do this so we can monitor the quality and ensure that the product gets delivered to you promptly.

Our hope is that you will begin to have great fun while you practise and that you will also engage with friends and family. We love to hear stories about people's short game improving.

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Puttie Team

P.S. Remember, practice makes perfect.